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Abalone in Brown Sauce (Taiwan) 阿一蚝皇鲍鱼 (原汁原味) 14.08oz

Abalone in Brown Sauce (Taiwan) 阿一蚝皇鲍鱼 (原汁原味) 14.08oz

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Abalone is one of the most popular delicacy in Asian Cuisine. Abalone meat has a rich flavor and high nutritional value. It is low in fat, rich in protein and contains many essential vitamins and minerals. Abalone is also believed to be an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids which help to maintain bone health and healthy skin as well as have anti-inflammatory properties.

我们的鲍鱼含有丰富的蛋白质、维生素和矿物质等营养成分,能够滋补身体、强筋壮骨、补充体力。经常食用鲍鱼可以促进新陈代谢、提高免疫力、抗衰老等,是一种非常健康的食品。 我们采用传统的烹饪工艺和配方,让每一块鲍鱼都保留了它原有的鲜美和营养价值。我们致力于为客户提供最优质的鲍鱼,让每一次品尝都是一次难忘的美食体验。

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The more the pieces, the smaller the abalone.


Net Wt. 14.08oz/ 420g

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