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BRAND'S Bird's Nest Soup With Rock Sugar 白兰氏冰糖燕窝

BRAND'S Bird's Nest Soup With Rock Sugar 白兰氏冰糖燕窝

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Bird's nest soup has been long time popular in Eastern Asia because its delicious taste and high nutritive value.

BRAND'S® BIRD'S NEST SOUP WITH ROCK SUGAR is formulated with meticulously-cleaned premium bird’s nest and pure rock sugar. It follows a traditional formula and is brewed using advanced technology in hygienic processing conditions.

This product may be consumed straight from the bottle at room temperature, chilled or warm according to one’s preference. Keep in cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight for best quality. Consume immediately upon opening.

Net Wt. 6 x 2.3 Fl. Oz. (13.8 Fl. Oz)

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